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    Upcoming Events

    The Tea Society of Albuquerque holds monthly events which provide a forum for tea lovers to discuss, drink, and discover teas.  Neither formal occasions nor “high tea,” but social gatherings for the promulgation and dissemination of tea drinking, tea-based conversations, and general camaraderie.


    What is the Tea Society of Albuquerque?

    The Society is a newly formed (summer 2013) group of tea lovers seeking to forge tea-based bonds for conversation, education, and drinking tea.


    How can I join?

    Sign up using the page on this website, then show up at a tea event.

    Information we collect will be kept confidential and not sold to third parties, and you can unsubscribe at any time.


    How much is a membership?

    Membership is free; a “member” is defined as someone who shows up to events.  The Society is not an exclusive club, but rather an open gathering of tea aficionados.


    Are there discounts associated with membership?

    Local businesses provide discounts, coupons, and other incentives to Tea Society members.


    Where are meetings held?

    Tea Society of Albuquerque meetings are held at local restaurants enthusiastic about hosting tea-based events.  If you are interested in hosting a tea event, please contact us at for more information.


    What should I bring?

    Bring loose-leaf tea, strainers, teapots, or whatever other accoutrements you might need—or would like to show off.


    What if I can't tolerate caffeine?

    We encourage maté, rooibos, and tisane (herbal tea) drinkers to attend as well. “Hot Steeped Beverage Society” looks awful on a poster.


    Do I have to sign up to come to an event?

    Yes; space in the restaurants is limited, so we require advance head counts so that our meeting-place can prepare accordingly.